Why Flax?

Flax is the oldest cultivated plant in the world! It is a natural raw material whose fibers enjoy great popularity in the production of textiles.

What are the reasons therefore? The flax plant itself naturally possesses properties that especially help our flax products have enormous natural given advantages. Flax fibers are plain and therefore, textile products made of flax are lint-free and less susceptible to bacteria and dirt. Moreover, the fibers can absorb 35% of the air humidity and release it as necessary. The flax fiber is tear-resistant and therefore, sturdy and durable. Vibration dampening and insulating properties are further positive aspects that are of great value for our Extra Organic products. The flax fibers are stiffened through hydro-entanglement and therefore, are free of chemicals. The textile components of our Extra Organic products are completely biodegradable and can unscrupulously returned to the natural circuit.

why flax
why flax 2

That is exactly our claim! Another essential advantage of the flax plant reflects in its ecological cultivation. The cultivation of flax requires considerably less water in comparison to other natural fibers.

Furthermore, the flax plant does not make any demands on the soil and thus, does not require any fertilizer. The flax is classified as a plant of the maritime climate and grows best in the coastal areas of Northern France, Belgium, and in parts of Northern Germany. Here, the best flax fibers are obtained worldwide. Developed through a long-term partnership, we source our flax fibers from Normandy in Northern France, an area that is known for its consistent change between sun, rain, wind and, its moderate temperatures.