Flax Wallpapers

Simply being comfortable

  • 100% natural & ecological
  • Good, natural indoor climate
  • Heat insulating properties
  • More tear-resistant in comparison to conventional wallpaper
  • Sound absorbing
  • Warm, natural tone
  • Breathable
  • Soft product quality
  • Easy application (flax wallpaper glue)
  • No supporting material necessary

Flax wallpaper made of natural fibers

The Extra Organic flax wallpaper is a nonwoven wallpaper consisting to 100% of natural fibers. A wall decoration, giving your home a completely new nature-flair.
The flax fibers are clearly visible at the surface of the wallpaper and thus, give the natural wallpaper its distinctive appearance. Moreover, its excellent properties fit perfectly in ecological and sustainable room concepts. What most people do not know is that our flax wallpaper is a specialist in heat insulation. In comparison to conventional wallpapers, it can retain the coziness of the room much longer.
Furthermore, the wallpaper consisting of flax and viscose fibers is extremely tear-resistant, has sound absorbing properties and stands out due to its superior UV-resistance.

Thanks to the Extra Organic flax wallpaper glue, the application of the wallpaper is quite easy. The glue consists of pure methylcellulose and contributes to the ecological footprint of the flax wallpaper. As the wallpaper does not require a supporting material, it can better assimilate air humidity and release it when necessary, and thus ensure a natural room climate at any time.
It is your choice! We can offer you different design options of our flax wallpaper. In addition to the plain-colored version with its natural appearance, the flax wallpaper is also available with a high-class embroidery, stitched under the seal of quality Plauener Spitze® (Made in Germany). You can select between various designs in different colors. Choose only one embroidered accent strip in order to place an emphasis on your wall, or design a holistic picture by arranging more than one strip on your wall – there are no limits to your creativity.

Basic substrate for printing application

The linen wallcover can be excellently printed with the
aqueous pigment inks of HP Latex, Durst, Aleph, Epson,
and with UV LED inks.

  • Flax non-woven can be used as base layer for digital printing. Special prints for graphic finishing of wallpaper and wall decoration by means of rotary or digital printing.
  • With our durable nonwovens we have we have the right raw material for every application.


Digitalbedruckte Flachstapete