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Room Dividers <br> coming soon

Room Dividers
coming soon

Roller Blinds <br> coming soon

Roller Blinds
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Acoustic Panels <br> coming soon

Acoustic Panels
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What drives us.

„We did not inherit the earth from our parents, we borrowed it from our children.“Indian wisdom.

We at EXTRA ORGANIC love nature.

At home in the Ore Mountains with its beautiful forests and streams, the region offers us the perfect environment for our lives and our creative work.

As our lives change, so do our habits and attitudes. New trends determine our consumer behavior. We live in a throwaway society.
The XO team is committed to developing sustainable alternatives to traditional products. Ecological, beautiful, functional and 100% biodegradable.
Our flax wallpaper meets exactly these requirements. From the field to the wall and, if necessary, through the compost back to nature.

Join us on our way to a more natural future.

Extra Organic - What drives us.
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